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We are trusted by our clients to keep their business private and confidential.
Time Saving
We can help you settle your dispute in a timely fashion.
20 years of experience working with families.
Child Focused Services
We focus on the best interests of your child in making parenting decisions in a neutral way.
Elder Focused Services
We help focus in on what the older person feels is important as they address age related concerns,

Our Services

We provide these services

Elder And Estate Mediation

We help families discuss topics related to aging. Participants in the mediation identify topics they wish to discuss or issues they wish to resolve and work towards reaching agreements that attempt to promote their well-being and quality of life. Elder mediation promotes communication and the involvement of more family members and others who wish to help.

Family Mediation

Helping families work through dispute with each member in conflict. A problem-solving process to help people resolve family conflict resulting from a relationship breakdown. A mediator assists families to clearly define their issues and reach agreement on those issues in a productive way. Separation is always a difficult and emotional time. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on your own, a mediator may be able to help you communicate better with each other and reach an agreement. Mediators are neutral third parties who can help you agree on a variety of issues, including support payments, the division of property, or custody of and access to your children.

Grief Support

Grief takes time to figure out. We walk alongside those grieving to find solutions to unanswered questions.

Strengthening Relationships

We help strengthen your couple relationship by dealing with the issues that are starting to weaken.

Premarital Consulting

We help couples prepare for their marriage and discuss prenuptial agreements that protect assets in the future.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflict is a regular occurrence. Many times communication has been lacking and misunderstandings take root. Mediation can help communicate the issues to each party which leads to efficient workplace productivity.


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