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Prepare And Enrich Inventory

The Prepare-Enrich inventory covers a number of areas that are important to healthy relationships. These include communication, conflict resolution, finances, sexuality, spirituality, couple closeness, parenting, and couple goals.

A trained Prepare-Enrich facilitator interprets and guides the couple through the results detailed in the report. With the couple’s challenges identified, the counselor uses six relationship exercises to:

  • strengthen a couple’s skills in communication
  • identify and manage major challenges and stressors
  • resolving conflict using a Ten Step Model
  • explore strength and growth areas
  • Develop a more balanced relationship using the Couple and Family Maps
  • Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork

This takes place during three (or more) feedback sessions. The couple also receives a 24-page Couple Workbook to help them complete the exercises.


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