John Seargeant – Lead Mediator / Owner

For over 20 years, John Seargeant has been driven to find and craft solutions for families.  John is a noteworthy leader in the mediation community helping educate and promote mediation across Saskatchewan.  You may have seen or heard John navigating the radio waves or from one of his various contributions across social media channels.  John was recognized by the Ministry of Justice, Government of Saskatchewan, in December of 2019 to help parties work through and resolve family issues prior to seeking a court solution (Listed under Section 44.01 of The Queen’s Bench Act, 1998). He was recognized by the ADR Institute of Saskatchewan in 2020 with a Q.Med (Qualified Mediator) designation.

John graduated with his B.Th (Theology) from the University of Saskatchewan in 2000.  John began his mediation training journey in 2016. John has personal experience in many workplace situations including civic politics, office project management, retail, and religious institutions.

John has been married for over 20 years and loves the parenting journey of his adult daughter and 2 teenage sons.  John and his family have lived across Saskatchewan for the past 20 years and currently reside in Moose Jaw. John is an avid sports fan and actively volunteers for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

John loves to network with new mediators as they navigate the journey forward.  Reach out anytime to get to know the latest ways John is working to expand mediation and facilitate conversations that matter.