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There are many processes that may be able to assist or resonate in your situation.  We mainly use a mediation process to uncover assumptions, hopes, fears and concerns within the relationship.  This service works in dating, premarital, and married situations.

After working with families in conflict for over 20 years and we find the mediation model has helped greatly as the parties are enabled to retain the ability to make their own decisions.

In order to get a baseline of the health of your relationship we request couples to complete an online inventory.  This helps to uncover strength and growth areas. Some of the details are listed below.

Prepare/Enrich and its background structure FACES (Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scale) continues to be one of the most researched assessment tools with over 1200 published articles supporting its validity and reliability.

Researchers and professionals across multiple disciplines regard Prepare/Enrich as one of the most effective tools in their professional toolbox.

The Prepare-Enrich inventory covers a number of areas that are important to healthy relationships. These include communication, conflict resolution, finances, sexuality, spirituality, couple closeness, parenting, and couple goals.

A trained Prepare-Enrich facilitator interprets and guides the couple through the results detailed in the report. With the couple’s challenges identified, the counselor uses six relationship exercises to:

•        Strengthen a couple’s skills in communication

•        Identify and manage major challenges and stressors

•        Resolving conflict using a Ten Step Model

•        Explore strength and growth areas

•        Develop a more balanced relationship using the Couple and Family Maps

•        Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork

This takes place during three (or more) feedback sessions.

We request that couples meet with their professional to ensure there is a good fit prior to engaging in the online inventory.